Playing with card stock

I love making paper products, and this time I think I took it too far.

Our engagement party is coming up with family and close friends, and I thought it would be fun to make our invitations. Twenty or so invitations. Not so bad. I didn’t realize how much time it would take to stage the “production line” and make up the templates for the directions, frame, “visit our site” cards, and envelopes. I also made the envelopes… and the glue. 😛

Regardless of the work, I’m really proud of them!

Ryan helped by buying me my Fiskar cardstock cutter and his drafting tools from engineering! It made it so much easier! No more cutting not-so-straight lines with my sad little scissors.


I was a bit upset that the size of the invitations wasn’t generic. So, I decided just to make the envelopes instead of attempting to search it out. But I needed glue that wouldn’t destroy the envelope once someone opened it. The Postman’s Knock has a great tutorial on how to make envelope glue with natural products: vinegar, sugar, gelatin, and vanilla extract.


Here’s one more paper product I made just for fun.

Next project: Embossing!

– Jean