Snow day project

This past Tuesday we had what was supposed to be a ridiculous storm. NYC pretty much shut down on Tuesday & Wednesday. Meaning, Ryan and I were staying in. Yay! Also means I have time to work on some projects.

My main project was to turn this boring USPS box into something pretty to put pretty things in to send to my pretty bridesmaids.

This is relatively straight forward with drawer liner, scissors, and an exacto knife. Since, the drawerliner is sicky on one side, it’s a great way to line boxes (inside or out). In this case, inside!


After a few minutes, here is the finished product.


I love paper products. I’m excited to have discovered the joys of double sided-tape and printable templates. I made these lovely “Will you be my bridesmaid?” cards to send in the boxes. My favorite part are the pearls.


– Jean